Visitors to the Piedmont Patch are always welcome, whether for scheduled events or unscheduled visits. Things to do on your visit may include:

Walking the path around the pond. Read the signs and try to identify what’s growing.

Check out the bees.
Picture of a light blue Bee hive

Recreational Fishing. Fishing poles are behind the HVAC screen on the rear of the chapel building. Most of the fish are too small for consumption; please practice catch-and-release until next year.

Bring a picnic. The picnic tables and swings are for all to enjoy.

Being quiet. The Piedmont Patch is an oasis in a fast-growing suburban neighborhood. Find a quiet spot and enjoy being in nature.

Restrooms are located in the chapel building, which is always open. Read more about the historic chapel building here. All are welcome for quiet contemplation and/or prayer.